Below is a list of common questions or solutions to help you understand how best to use this site to vote for your favorites. If you don't find the answers that you're looking for, please contact us and we can help answer your question. And who knows, maybe your question will help others and we'll add it to this list!

The easiest way to log in is to use your Twitter, Google, or Facebook accounts (shown below). This can be found here.

If you wish to use Facebook to login, for example, click on the Facebook icon and you will be asked to authenticate using your Facebook account. Once you've successfully logged in and followed the instructions asked by Facebook, you will be redirected back to this site and can begin voting.

When you've finished voting or if you log out, you can always return and log in again using the same 3rd party account as the one when you signed up.

3rd party login

If you don't have a 3rd party account or choose not to use one, you can click the Sign Up link (shown below) and create a user account for this site.

Sign up

This most likely means that you've already created an account on our site using Twitter, Facebook, Google, or our site's registration system. The error looks like this:

Address Taken

To resolve this problem, use the sign in form. If you know your password, you can enter the e-mail address and password there. If you don't know your password, click the Forgot Password link to reset your password.

If you would like to login using more than one of the 3rd party options, such as log in using Facebook one day, then log in using Google the next, you will need to link the 3rd party accounts together.

First, login using the account that you originally signed up with. This could be either Facebook, Google, Twitter, or our site registration system. Once you've logged in, you can link your accounts together.